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"Optimal Climate Policies in a Dynamic Multi-Country Equilibrium Model"
  • Author(s): Marten Hillebrand, Elmar Hillebrand
  • Journal of Economic Theory, 2019, Volume 179 (1), Pages 200-239
"Bubbly Markov Equilibria"
  • Author(s): Marten Hillebrand, Martin Barbie
  • Economic Theory, 2018, Volume 66, Issue 3, pages 627-679
"Bubbles and Crowding-in of Capital via a Savings Glut"
  • Author(s): Marten Hillebrand, Tomoo Kikuchi, Masaya Sakuragawa
  • Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2018, Vol.22, Pages 1238-1266
"A Mechanism for Booms and Busts in Housing Prices"
  • Author(s): Marten Hillebrand, Tomoo Kikuchi
  • Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2015, Vol.51, Pages 204–217
"Uniqueness of Markov Equilibrium in Stochastic OLG Models with Nonclassical Production",
  • Author(s): Marten Hillebrand
  • Economics Letters, 2014, Volume 123, Issue 2, Pages 171–176
“On the Optimal Size of Social Security in the Presence of a Stock Market“
  • Author(s): Marten Hillebrand
  • Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2012, Volume 48, Pages 26-38
“On the Role of Labor Supply for the Optimal Size of Social Security“
  • Author(s): Marten Hillebrand 
  • Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2011, Volume 35, Pages 1091-1105




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