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Topics in Macroeconomics - Replication

This winter's topics course will be focused on the predominant methods in macroeconomics. Join us to replicate influential papers and to fill your toolbox with state-of-the-art algorithms used in studying models of

  • Growth and the business cycle,
  • Monetary policy,
  • Heterogeneous agents.

You find the full Syllabus here.

'Germany's Next Climate Model' funded by Fachschaft-WiWi!

We are absolutely thrilled that the representatives of the student-body (the Fachschaft WiWi)  have decided to provide funding for our master's course 'Germany's Next Climate Model - Dissecting Macroeconomic Models of Climate Change' to be launched in the coming winter semester. Among other things, their generous support will allow us to finance a teaching assistant for the course and to hold a mini-conference at the end of the semester where our students will present their simulation results on optimal climate policies.

Thank you very much, Fachschaft WiWi - we don't have words to tell you how excited we are!

New master's course 'Germany's Next Climate Model'
We are incredibly excited to launch a new master's course 'Germany's Next Climate Model - Dissecting Macroeconomic Models of Climate Change' in the coming winter semester 2022/23. The course provides a guided introduction to the numerical simulation of macroeconomic models of climate change with Python permitting students to explore and quantify the economic and environmental effects of alternative climate policies. The syllabus can be found here.  
Research Talk by Prof. Dr. Tetsushi Harada (Kwansei Gakuin University)
The research talk has the topic "Auseinandersetzungen um Schmoller hinter der Selbstauflösung des Vereins für Socialpolitik im Jahre 1936". Professor Harada is a highly accomplished scholar in the history of economic thought and has a particularly deep knowledge of the German speaking traditions of economics. The talk takes place at 11:00 am on the 9th of September in room R 02 012 (Rempartstr. 16, 2nd floor). The Talk can also be joined via Zoom.  
Klausureinsicht / Exam Review

Die Klausureinsicht für dieses Semester findet am 19.10.22 in Raum 202, Breisacher Tor statt. Bitte melden Sie sich spätestens 36 Stunden vor dem Termin über diesen Link an.

This Semester's Exam Review will take place on October 19th in Room 202, Breisacher Tor. Please register no later than 36 hours in advance using this link.

Online research talk by Prof. Tomoo Kikuchi (Waseda University) 

This week, Prof. Tomoo Kikuchi from Waseda University will give an online talk  on "An Economic Model of Competing Superpowers and World Order"  in our tea-time macro seminar. Professor Kikuchi is a highly accomplished scholar in the field of theoretical macroeconomics and has published in leading theory journals such as the Journal of Economic Theory, Theoretical Economics, and the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. The talk takes place online via ZOOM on Wednesday, July 27 at 2 pm but we will also meet in person in room R 02 012 (Rempartstr. 16, 2nd floor) to jointly discuss with him. 

Raumaufteilung Makroökonomie II Klausur

Die genaue Raumaufteilung zur Makro II Klausur am Montag, 22.08., 10-12 Uhr, lautet:

  • A-K: HS Rundbau, Albertstraße 21
  • L-Z: HS 1010, KG I
Absolventenfeier der WiWi-Fakultät
Am Freitag, den 15. Juli 2022 fand die Absolventenfeier der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät statt. Im Rahmen der feierlichen Zeugnisverleihung im Paulussaal hat Prof. Hillebrand die Festrede zum Thema "Ein Weg zu einer optimalen globalen Klimapolitik" gehalten. Wir gratulieren allen Absolventinnen und Absolventen herzlich zu ihrem Abschluss und wünschen Ihnen alles Gute auf Ihrem weiteren Weg! Ein herzlicher Dank auch an alle an der Organisation Beteiligten für eine wunderschöne Feier!  
Job opening - Research Assistant at our Chair

The Chair of Economic Theory, especially Macroeconomics is looking to fill the position of a Research Assistant starting October 1, 2022. Details can be found in the job posting here. The German version  is here. The application deadline is July 31, 2022.

Stelle als studentische Hilfskraft zu besetzen
An unserem Lehrstuhl wird momentan die Stelle einer studentischen Hilfskraft neu besetzt. Details finden Sie hier. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung!  
Exam Schedule Summer Semester 2022

The exam schedule for the courses offered by the chair can be found here.

Chair Research Day- June 2022

On June 20 and 21, our first "Chair Research Day" took place at the Studienhaus Wiesneck. On this occasion, the core members of the team joined by external researchers presented their latest research ideas and discussed the chair's future research strategy. The conference program can be found here. The entire team would like to thank the Studienhaus for hosting a wonderful event that all of us enjoyed very much!

Participation in the International Conference on Public Economic Theory(PET 2022)

From June 8-10, Prof. Hillebrand participated in the International Conference on Public Economic Theory(PET 2022) in Marseille, France and gave his paper "Win as a Team or Fail as Individuals - Coorperation and Non-Cooperation in the Climate Tax Game". He would like to thank the organizers for hosting a great event with many outstanding presentations and most fruitful discussions that all participants enjoyed very much. 

Research talk  by Prof. Harald Hagemann

This week, Prof. Harald Hagemann from the University of Hohenheim will give a talk  on "The new secular stagnation hypothesis: Summers after Hansen"  in our tea-time macro seminar. Professor Hagemann is a leading expert in the history of economic thought  and has made countless influential contributions to this and related fields.The talk takes place on Thursday, May 12 at 2 pm in room R 02 012(Rempartstr. 16, 2nd floor).

Paper accepted at PET 2022 conference

We are pleased that our paper " Win as a Team or Fail as Individuals-Cooperation and Non-Cooperation in the Climate Tax Game" by Hillebrand, E. & M. Hillebrand has been accepted for presentation at the 2022 International Conference on Public Economic Theory to be held in Marseille, France from June 8-10.

Themenabend Inflation bei den Jungen Liberalen Freiburg

Am Donnerstag, den 28. April war Prof. Hillebrand gemeinsam mit seinen Assistenten zu einem "Themenabend Inflation" bei den Jungen Liberalen Freiburg eingeladen und hat in diesem Rahmen einen Vortrag zum Thema "Die Rückkehr der Inflation" gehalten. Wir bedanken uns herzlich bei unseren Gastgebern für die freundliche Einladung und die spannende und lebhafte Diskussion- es hat uns allen großen Spaß gemacht!


The seminar will be offered in the summer semester'2022.  To participate send the registration form via email to marius.jaeger@vwl.uni-freiburg.de until 04.04.2022. More information regarding the seminar can be found here.

Preis für die beste Pflichtveranstalung Bachelor SoSe21

Wir freuen uns riesig, dass die Vorlesung "Makroökonomik II" von der Fachschaft als beste Bachelor-Pflichtveranstaltung des Sommersemesters 2021 ausgezeichnet wurde! Wir danken den Mitgliedern der Fachschaft herzlich für diese Auszeichnung und natürlich allen Teilnehmenden der Veranstaltung für diese tolle Bestätigung unserer Arbeit!


Tea-time Seminar

Talks and discussions take regularly place on Wednesdays, 2-5pm.

To participate in our internal seminar actively or passively, send an Email to

We cordially invite speakers and discussions in the fields of macroeconomics, public economics and economic theory.


 Prof. Landmann`s farewell lecture:

Prof. Landmann`s and Markus Epp`s presentation at Lange Nacht der Universität 2019:



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